Thursday, January 28, 2021

 here is an interesting review of the biden installation and i'm not quite sure what it all means;

Today,  I have a treat for you, Patriots. I've spent over twelve hours watching, re-re-watching and taking screenshots of Donald Trump's real 2017 Inauguration vs Joe Biden's fake Political Pageantry.

In particular, I kept a close eye on the behavior and uniforms of our servicemen and women and the Secret Service. They don't need to say a single word to tell us whether or not Joe Biden was truly inaugurated and whether or not they consider him their Commander-in-Chief. Actions, vibes, behavior, uniforms and salutes scream louder than words.

If this is your first time visiting AMERICA: The Blog, welcome! This article is part of an ongoing discussion and investigation into Joe's Big Day and will make a lot more sense if you first read this article and this article.

Wreathed in Smiles vs Face Diapers

If I had to choose one phrase to describe President Trump's inauguration it would be "wreathed in smiles." Everyone, except Hillary, could be described using Phil Robertson's (Duck Dynasty) iconic phrase, "Happy, happy, happy." Even the Democrats appeared to be in good spirits, greeting everyone on both sides of the aisle with warmth and bonhomie. Everyone was dressed in their best bib-and-tucker. The ladies mostly wore dresses, colorful scarves, even furs. Ooh la la!

Everyone was there in 2017! Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cheney. Mr. and Mrs. Danforth Quayle (ignored by "W," as usual!) Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dole. Chris Christie. Bernie Sanders sans woolly mittens and Nancy Pelosi sans dark sunglasses.

The skies over D.C. on January 20th, 2017 were consistently murky gray...not schizophrenically sunny, cloudy, snowy, cloudy, sunny as they were for Joe's Big Day. (Even the best filmmaker can't control the sky!) and watch more.......

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