Friday, January 29, 2021

 you're a terrorist and these are the ones who will deal with that treat, and a bit of how;

Editor’s note: We posted some material about retired General McCrystal (McCrystal is fully plugged into Israel and is likely where he is getting his ideas) suggesting that Trump supporters (MAGA) should be looked at as “domestic terrorists” and a “new war on terrorism” be opened up on Americans who supported Trump. What readers should probably consider is not supporting any politician or “leader” at this point; because as America’s industrial and technological base is being transferred to Israel like with Intel, the global elitist bankers firmly in control who are shifting economic and financial power to Israel and China, will work to create political confrontation and violence in America by radicalizing Americans. Biden’s Bolshevik handlers have already moved to allow China into America’s electrical power grid. The radicalization of Americans will come through the media (intelligence and counter intelligence like Fox News) and Big Tech’s control over social media. It was initiated in Washington on January 6.

This cynical manipulation of the American people into political confrontation is meant to further divide, isolate and distract them. Extremism is going to be heavily promoted by the oligarch class who run America, so you need to be aware of this if you decide to get “radical” in your personal approach to America’s present circumstances. The same thing that was done to destroy pan-Arabism by weaponizing Islam is going to be done to the American people by radicalizing them. This isn’t about politics, about the political divide between the left and the right and the ideological abyss between conservative and liberal. This is about raw power, greed and money with factions including inside the Pentagon where the temporarily appointed acting Secretary of Defense (November 9, 2020 to January 20, 2021) Christopher Miller, referred to the Pentagon as: “This fucking place is rotten. It’s rotten.” more.........

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