Tuesday, January 26, 2021

 i have no way of knowing how much of this is true but it has some aspects that seem valid so i leave it to your consideration, but it seems that there may be some subterranean moves going on to make a big change;

Just this once, when the Mainstream Media debunked the notion that Nancy Pelosi had been arrested on January 12th, they made some good points.

But things have changed since then and I do believe, yes I do believe, that all the details of the last two weeks indicate that The Nancy has been arrested and released under 24/7 guard pending trial. The visual evidence is pretty compelling.

Our story begins on Wednesday, January 6th. That was the day the FBI released information that Annunciata (aka Nancy) Pelosi's father was Mafia and her brother a pedophile and rapist.

January 6th was also the day undercover Special Ops reportedly used the Antifa drama at the Capitol to do a quick snatch-and-grab of computers belonging to certain politicians,  including Nancy Pelosi, while Capitol Police were ordered to stand down, even co-operate.

Before any information about the contents of her laptop could be released, the Mainstream Media was already scrambling to spin a yet nonexistent story. For a laptop that Pelosi innocently used "only for presentations," they certainly freaked out.

My favorite spin was their prophecy that the Right would undoubtedly plant fake news stories about the contents of the laptop. Then the MSM went full on paranoiac claiming that a woman was attempting to sell the laptop to....wait for it...Russia, Russia, Russia.

Just once could you try to be original, MSM!?!

Now fast forward five days to Monday, January 11th when Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, sent a blunt memo to the House appointing Debbie Dingell (D-MI; aka Debbie Dingleberry) as the Speaker Pro Tempore...........read and watch more......

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