Friday, January 29, 2021

 this author presents a different take on the face diaper than you'll encounter on the tv;

An uncountable number of men have told me they would have been a better fit for caveman days, for they are true brutes and alphas who would glory in destroying lesser men with their muscle. On top of that, what a ladies’ man they would be in that era.

An uncountable number of men have told me they’d be better in the days of Arthur, because they are noble men who would courageously ride into battle and court women of virtue.

An uncountable number of men have told me that they were made for the Revolutionary War, that they would have signed the Declaration of Independence, put their necks on the line, at great cost in every aspect of life, taken great risk that must have often seemed senseless, joined the mobs in the streets, and marched behind Washington on the darkest days of American history, even losing toes to frostbite on Christmas Eve, being chased ruthlessly by the soldiers of the greatest empire on earth, rather than warm at home for the holidays.

Yet the same men won’t refuse the face mask, not a one of more.......

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