Thursday, January 28, 2021

 it appears that at this point there's two ways this all can go; one is revolution and the other is full installation of orwell's nightmare. time may reveal the answer, but so far the monsters are winning;

Since January 6, Our Rulers and their partners in the corporate media have tirelessly exploited the Patriots’ rally in DC. Indeed, between them, these twin evils have refined the “false flag”—and the slaughter those fakes require—into oblivion. Hereafter, the propagandists at CNN, ABC-NBC-CBS, Bloomberg, Fox News, et al, need no actual event. Their treatment of January 6th proves that if they only lie, fabricate, mislead, exaggerate, quote sources stunningly biased in favor of officialdom, and pooh-pooh as baseless all facts that contradict their falsehoods, they can fool half the country. But then, Progressives are a notoriously gullible herd: they swallow Marxism’s nonsense, so why not the government-media complex’s?

And that complex has dished up a heaping helping of absurdities the last three weeks. It’s spun the groundswell of outrage at an obviously stolen election into a “riot,” a plot to kill congresscritters, an “insurrection … linked to the deaths of five people” (intriguingly, the propagandists seldom mention that 3 of those fatalities resulted from “medical emergencies,” while trigger-happy cops slaughtered the fourth), and a demonstration of strength from “white-supremacists.” The demonic duo has zealously ginned up hysteria over the alleged assault on the Holy Capitol and its more......

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