Saturday, January 30, 2021

 the author called this essay; western hypocrisy is a gas, and its clear we're ruled by grossly indulgent hypocrites but your tv won't present much of this;

The day after opposition figure Alexei Navalny was arrested in Moscow last week on his return from a provocative and prolonged decampment in Germany, Western media fell over themselves to condemn his detention.

In its online edition, the US government-owned Radio Free Europe news outlet ran seven articles dedicated to Navalny out of a total of 21. One of the top RFE articles openly called for Russian people to take to the streets to demand the release of the activist.

Last weekend, the US embassy in Moscow published detailed street maps of planned protests under the guise of advising American citizens on what areas to avoid potential trouble with law enforcement officers.As it turned out, several protests held in over 100 Russian cities did turn violent with several thousands arrested by police. The Russian government says these rallies were unauthorized and illegal, and therefore the authorities had the right and duty to contain them for public order.

One thing is clear, however, Navalny and his supporters are being facilitated by brazen Western interference in Russia’s internal affairs.

Can you imagine the hue and cry if, for example, the Russian embassy in Washington had published maps of the Capitol buildings prior to the January 6 violent assault there by Trump supporters? Or if the Russian embassy in Netherlands published details over the weekend of demos against the Covid-19 curfews the Dutch government has imposed?

Can you imagine further the hysteria among Western governments if Russian media had published articles actually calling people out on the streets?

That’s the chasm of hypocrisy we are seeing with regard to more........

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