Sunday, January 31, 2021

 just came in the 'inbox' from a friend, and though i don't vote because it only encourages them, i believe this individual said it all quite well, and could have easily gone on to cover much more;

It is obvious that the "election", if you really want to call it that, was meaningless except for maintaining the fraudulent public perception of "Democracy", of which it didn't do so good a job. Whether one likes Trump or biden is not important. What we have seen here is a total disregard for law and order. It has now been proven that the will of the people is not respected, at all. It is now obvious to all but the most ignorant, that we, the useless eaters, are just aged cattle to be culled and removed to make way for the engineered generations that will be selected to remain on the ranch. 

For the last almost two decades, we had 9/11 as the stand alone clear and convincing evidence that the U.S. corporate government along with the israel corporate government were not only the guilty parties behind the attacks of the WTC and pentagram, but are also the tools  the elitists use to "manage the farm" of which we are imprisoned. Now we can add the rampant, provable, blatantly evident, 2020 election fraud to the soon to be growing list of "in your face" actions our enemies throw our way. I might even add that these election frauds are more obvious than building 7, but the record shows that Americans, for the most part will remain willfully ignorant "of the big red white and blue dick being jammed up their ass" - George Carlin. 

As you all know, I have not been riding the Trump train, but I did vote for him, because beside the fact that there exists no chance of anything good with a biden admin., at least there was some benefit to having Trump calling the shots, even if it wasn't a perfect solution. Again, the problem is not who is the president, the problem is corporate rule. As long as the U.S. inc. remains a tool of oppression, it remains our enemy. The solution is not installing Trump. The relief that has provided is small and temporary and even if he was to get another four years, then what? Back to business as usual?

I've said it before and I will say it again, if you want to fix what is wrong with our government we must collectively stop doing business with banks and corporate governments. Accept no liability for debts measured in corporate currencies. Declare your independence and freedom from national debts. Imagine if all Americans told the fed that 'we no longer accept liability for your fraudulent national debt and we will no longer pay the fraudulent "income tax". We would take all the wind from their sails and they would be sitting ducks. 

So let's not spend too much time licking wounds of a Trump defeat. Remember, it is not biden that beat Trump, it is the global elitists, once again showing us who's boss. We can either fight them directly, as in high velocity lead, or we can start doing as suggested in the last paragraph. I suspect nothing short of that will bear fruit.

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