Saturday, January 30, 2021

 live links to the tweets can be found at the link below, and while i don't 'tweet' i think these make some clear points;

 Strap yourselves in, it is going to be a (((bumpy))) ride.

Tweets (The Angry Philosopher On #Stonks):

""Oh you silly poors, six hundred dollars is a *lot* of money if you invest it wisely and NO WAIT NOT LIKE THAT HOLY SHIT NO STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?"

Well shit. This was a throwaway gag that became a thing.

Can any of you fine people tell me where to put my money now that Robin Hood has gone full Sherrif of Nottingham?"

Tweet (Whitepilled Will):

"“Free Market” = rigged market for Wall St.

“Robinhood” = stealing from peasants to give to the rich

“Free Speech” = censorship and deplatforming

“Democracy” = rule by small minority of connected donors

Everywhere you look in America, it’s the opposite of what it claims to be." 

Tweet (Keith Woods):

"Gabriel Plotkin - Melvin Capital CEO
Steven Cohen - Point72 CEO (bailed out Melvin)
Adena Friedman - Nasdaq CEO 
Elad Roisman - SEC Chairman
Janet Yellen - Secretary of the Treasury
Ryan Cohen - Investor who sparked GME surge and made over $3 billion
George Sherman - Gamestop CEO"

Tweet (Judge):

"It's weird when you criticize:

*Hedge fund billionaires
*the Press
*Biden's cabinet
*Billionaire donor class
*Vulture capitalists
*Foreign war hawks get accused of anti-semitism for some reason"..........

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