Wednesday, January 27, 2021

 mr engdahl presents herein, the course plotted for us by those really in charge, and i'm sure you won't like it when it is fully installed;

Build Back Better is an elitist plan to depopulate the planet and turn the survivors into home-bound, mind-controlled, vegan robots.

Covid 19 is merely a preview of the horrors to come.

"Governments will "intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior...Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies... will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains." - Klaus Schwab

by F William Engdahl
(abridged by

In May, 2020 as the coronavirus had caused global panic lockdowns far beyond the initial outbreak in Wuhan, the British Crown Prince Charles, together with the World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, unveiled what they gleefully named the Great Reset. more........

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