Sunday, January 31, 2021

 protect and serve is getting dangerous for those of us who are being 'served';

Phoenix, AZ — Ryan Whitaker, 40, and father of two, had committed no crime, had harmed no one and was merely answering his door when Phoenix police officer Jeff Cooke dumped three rounds into him — killing him in cold blood. The shooting took place in May of 2020, and we have just learned the officers involved will face no accountability whatsoever. As a result, the taxpayers of Phoenix shelled out a record amount of money in the form of a lawsuit.

“You never get used to it… that’s for sure,” Steven Whitaker, Ryan’s brother told Arizona’s Family on Friday. “As much as people say time heals all wounds, I’m waiting for that to happen.”

According to AZ Family, the decision not to charge the officer who shot his brother is a disappointment, he says. “The lack of accountability is a joke, in my opinion. It’s a joke,” Steven said.

“You could be doing everything right and still lose your life,” Steven said. “And someone’s not going to be held accountable because they have a badge, and they say there are in fear of their life.”

“We’ve been screaming justice for Ryan since day one… but how? How do you do that?” Steven asked out of frustration.

The county attorney noted that their “experts” reviewed the footage and that is how they came to their decision not to charge the and watch more......

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