Saturday, January 23, 2021

 what's coming our way, and its only a matter of time;

Prepare for Bankruptcies, Store Closings And Tent Cities in 2021 America’s economy is fragile, debt-funded, as consumerist economy is collapsing. Permanent, sheer blood-draining terror awaits the unemployed. Obviously, America is unequipped to survive in a globalized economy. 50% of business closures is just the beginning the 99% can barely make ends meet and will fight over scraps soon. The new normal has arrived. Yet , most people are indifferent to what is coming. The deficit spending is a good indicator that something has to give and it will NOT be government as they control the media, courts, academia, bureaucracy, and big tech. The individual is going to be destroyed while providing the funds for governments to truly drive the country right into the ground.

THAT means a dystopian future which used to be the stuff of movies. There is going to be a fight between the pensioners, the employees, the welfare recipients, services, and the taxpayers. Prepare for the coming violence. Many businesses will still try to make it through this holiday season for one last try at the golden ring. This happens year after year. This year will probably be really bad, thanks to our inept government. They got rid of manufacturing long ago. They killed IT and health care with H1B visas. All that is left is retail, and it’s going, gone. What that means is there are no jobs left in America. No jobs, and people who are entitled because of the dollar (world reserve currency) to a high standard of and watch more........

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