If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for war. What if its 1984 and you don't know it because you haven't recognized who big brother is yet.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

here is something from my archives i've been working on for a while;

War is peace and can be demonstrated in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Ukraine thanks to the Empire’s peacemaking efforts. Freedom is slavery and to enjoy their “freedom” Americans spend most of their lives working off debt, a mortgage, medical debt from illness, or student loans. They also work longer hours with less time off and worse benefits than in any other developed country, and their pay hasn’t increased since 1970 when you factor in inflation.

Ignorance is strength and that keeps it going. Americans’ vast, stubborn ignorance of their own reality and the world, along with distracting things to watch, has kept them from revolting.

American involvements in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria or the Ukraine have produced “peace” as claimed by “our leaders”, and various talking heads claim that they somehow averted worse. What they’ve produced is endless war financed by runaway debt which is leading to economic ruin but ignorance helps a lot here.

Claiming that slavery is freedom is possible because once you discharge your duties as a slave; you can go home and watch some crazy TV nonsense if you want. You can acquire whatever “knowledge” you like, but if you try acting on it you will find yourself in trouble. You can also claim that freedom is for the lazy while the productive people rush from one activity to another, and herd your children around the same way avoiding “unstructured time”, and that this is not at all like slavery.

Ignorant people are some of the most knowledgeable people on earth as they tell it. When they’re victorious, “your leaders” have their way with the world. Your leaders say what they want to do; and then they either succeed or fail. When they fail, they still call it a success. This is a good thing, because with all the propaganda the Ministry of Truth puts out, it is hard for the average person to ascertain the nature of the “facts on the ground”.

American victories or defeats are the same. Thanks to the trillions spent on the wars, the 1.5 million Iraqi casualties, and the 5,000 dead American soldiers, there’s no longer any al Qaeda in Iraq now, like there was under Saddam Hussein, and Iraq is a free democracy, but not really.

Thanks to years of effort which cost trillions of dollars and the lives of some 3500 Americans, the Taliban in Afghanistan have been defeated and the country is now at peace we’re told but then you discover it’s another lie.

The Empire wants to say the Syrian regime has been overthrown and Syria is now peaceful and democratic. It’s actually a war-torn basket case that has produced millions of refugees.  A large part of it was ruled by Islamic militants that are more radical than al Qaeda supplied by the Empire. Russia responded to Syria’s invitation and helped Syria win, except the part of Syria occupied by the Empire.

The problem of Islamic extremism has been dealt with once for all, and baby Bush’s “Islamofascists” are but a memory. ISIS or the Islamic State are something else entirely, plus us bombing them sporadically at great expense has “degraded” them.

We’re told that thanks to an American managed coup, Ukraine is on its way to being a stable and prosperous member of the EU and NATO, and the freedom-loving Ukrainians are no longer at all dependent on Russian gas, coal and nuclear fuel, or on Russians to send in relief convoys, house and feed the refugees from their civil war, or broker their peace agreements with each other.

Several other things we’re expected to believe and tell others follow; “Our” grand geopolitical strategy for eternal world domination helped the Empire successfully kick Russia out of Crimea to build a NATO military base there to make sure that Russia never becomes a great world power again but is forced to comply with our every whim.

Thanks to our diplomatic efforts, Russia is now completely isolated, so it can’t be signing gigantic trade agreements with countries around the world or supporting nations who don’t like being pushed around by the Empire.

Our sanctions have really hurt Russia. They’ve not affected the EU which didn’t lose a huge export market and isn’t at risk of losing access to Russia’s natural gas which it doesn’t need. Regime change in Moscow is close. Our expensive political pets in Russia are more popular than ever and are feeling the love from the Russian people so fewer than 90% of Russians respect and support Putin for the things he has achieved for them.

Thanks to our relentless political pressure, Putin is now beaten, ready to be reasonable and bend to our will. Nobody listens to his speeches because “our free press” doesn’t cover them because they’re long and boring.

America is the world’s indispensable nation, world’s second greatest economic power, and “our leaders” are respected worldwide. When Obama said so in a speech he gave in China, the audience didn’t laugh out loud right in his face, roll their eyes, make faces or move their heads side to side slowly.

How can you avoid recognizing the importance of such things? Ignorance isn’t just strength; it’s the most awesome force in the universe. Knowledge is always limited and specific, but ignorance is infinite. Knowledge travels no faster than the speed of light, but ignorance is everywhere. There’s a limit to how much you can know, but there’s no limit to how much you don’t know but think you do.

Here’s something that you may know. The Empire is an “empire of chaos”. It sort of fails somehow to achieve peace, prosperity, democracy, stability, avert humanitarian crises, or stop lots of horrible crimes but it does achieve chaos. What’s more, it achieves a new type of chaos just invented, called “controlled chaos”. There are naysayers that say things like “You reap what you sow, and if you sow chaos, you shall reap chaos.” I guess they just don’t like chaos.

The American criminal conviction rate has exceeded that of Hitler and it’s an astronomical rate of 99%. All of the constitutional guarantees are mote, and now you can’t be sure of getting a trial by jury, free from being tried more than once for the same crime, free from torture or compelled self-incrimination. This way the state always wins. The rule of law no longer exists. This is what helped spark the revolution of 1776.  Jury nullification, a legal right, is denied and railroading is a common judicial tactic.

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