Saturday, December 22, 2018

hurricane trump did the right thing in syria and everyone is amazed and here margolis explores all of that;

President Trump has done the right thing with regard to America’s troop deployment in Syria.  Trump ordered the 2,000 US troops based in Syria to get out and come home.
Neocons and the US war party are having apoplexy even though there are some 50,000 US troops spread across the rest of the Mideast.
The US troops parked in the Syrian Desert were doing next to nothing.  Their avowed role was to fight the remnants of the ISIS movement and block any advances by Iranian forces.  As a unified fighting force, ISIS barely exists, if it ever did.  Cobbled together, armed and financed by the US, the Saudis and Gulf Emirates to overthrow Syria’s regime, ISIS ran out of control and became a menace to everyone.
In fact, what the US was really doing was putting down a marker for a possible US future occupation of war-torn Syria that risked constant clashes with Russian forces there.
We will breathe a big sigh of relief if the US deployment actually goes ahead: it will remove a major risk of war with nuclear-armed Russia, whose forces are in Syria at the invitation of the recognized government in Damascus.  The US has no strategic interest in Syria and no business at all being militarily involved there.  Except perhaps that the war party wants never-ending wars abroad for arms production and promotions.
Trump’s abrupt pullout from Syria has shocked and mortified Washington’s war party and neocon fifth column.  They were hoping reinforced US forces would go on to attack Damascus and move against Iranian forces.  It was amusing to watch the anguish of such noted warlike chickenhawks as Sen. Lindsay Graham and the fanatical national security advisor John Bolton as their hopes for a US war against Syria diminished.  Israel was equally dismayed:  its strategic plan has long been to fragment Syria and gobble up the pieces.
The venerable imperial general and defense secretary, Jim Mattis, couldn’t take this de-escalation.  He resigned.  Marine General Mattis was one of the few honorable and respected members of the Trump administration and a restraint on the president’s impulses.  To his credit, he opposed the reintroduction of torture by US forces, a crime promoted by Trump, Bolton and Chicago enforcer Mike Pompeo........

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