Saturday, December 22, 2018

those of you who still believe we live in a land of laws that apply equally won't have a leg to stand on when you read the following crime committed by 'law enforcement' on a citizen;

Syracuse, NY — Torrence Jackson, 42, had harmed no one and was merely driving his car in October of 2017 when police targeted him. The subsequent stop would turn into a nightmare fit for a Nazi concentration camp as police would force doctors to perform a sadistic and unnecessary surgery on the man’s anal cavity all to look for non-existent drugs.
Police stopped Jackson that fateful day in October because they claim he failed to activate his turn signal far enough away from a turn. This method of policing is predatory and allows police to make up random reasons to stop people who they feel are suspicious.
During the stop, police found a tiny bag of marijuana on Jackson which would set off a chain reaction of events leading to his horrifying treatment.
As the stop progressed, one of the “expert” officers on the scene claimed that Jackson’s posture indicated that he’d likely hid something in his rectum. Chaos quickly ensued.
When police began kidnapping Jackson for having a tiny bit of pot and claiming he was hiding drugs in his rectum, Jackson resisted. He was then tasered, beaten, pepper-sprayed, and had a spit mask placed over his head before cops dragged him into St. Joseph’s hospital in Syracuse.
While in the hospital, Jackson was begging with police and doctors to take the mask off, as he said he was unable to breathe. But his complaints fell largely on deaf ears........

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