Thursday, December 27, 2018

the national attention is on games and tv but never seems to venture into discovering if we're being hoodwinked by those who pretend to be the 'adults in the room' and here you can discover a tip of an iceberg of what are most probably crimes you'll never hear about let alone see them go to jail;

It doesn’t bode well for accountability or fiscal probity that in unceremoniously shit-canning his Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the petulant President Donald Trump elevated in his stead as acting secretary Mattis’s number two, Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan.
If you said, “Shanahan who?” welcome to the club. This was about as invisible a bureaucrat as you could imagine. And little wonder. Shanahan is a guy who, like the president who nominated him to his post as the number two civilian leader of the Pentagon, has never served in the military, and whose experience prior to that was basically as a middle management cog at Boeing.  His positions there included vice president and general manager of several Boeing operations and, as a career peak, senior vice president of supply chain operations.
Now I’m the last person to claim that someone running what should, in all honesty, be still called the US War Department instead of the absurdly euphemistic Defense Department, ought to come to the job having had some experience in the military, but still, all in all this seems to be a pretty thin resume for a guy taking charge of the agency that accounts for more than half off all discretionary spending by the federal government, and someone who is charged with advising the president on key issues relating to national security...........

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