Thursday, December 27, 2018

i've only read a bit of this so far but it seems like something worth investigating like other false flags we're presented with and many of them are apparently false as the idea they try to sell. i leave the conclusions to you as i've yet to finish reading this;

Break out the violins and pass the tissues. From the article:

"Mrs. Foley has a desperately keen understanding of what happens in a conflict zone. “Jim” was her son, the freelance photojournalist James W. Foley. He was kidnapped in 2012 while covering the Syrian civil war, held hostage for 21 months and brutally murdered in 2014 by members of the Islamic State in an execution filmed by his captors and released online."
Having just this past week lost a pair of loved ones myself (Pops & Sugar), you might expect the remaining member of "The Editorial Board" to be showing a bit more empathy for "Diane Foley" -- the eternally grieving mother of the "beheaded" photo-journalist, "James Foley." Well, weep not for "Mrs. Foley," boys and girls, because she, and her "beheaded" son, and her "husband," and her other "children" are all dirty, stinking, deceitful, treasonous, low-life CIA crisis actors. And just like so many of the crisis actors associated with so many fake shootings and so many fake bombings of the past 8 years or so, fake-ass "Mrs. Foley" -- of the fake-ass "James Foley Legacy Foundation" (cha ching!)-- is, as this article confirms, still collecting shekels for her bad acting.
Let's tear the Marxist mask off this brazen sorceress who is now partnering up with an artist to adapt Jim Foley's photos for a for-profit museum exhibit...........

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