Wednesday, December 26, 2018

more from the archives that i'm unsure of its origin. it may be early drafts by me or something i found and saved after finding it contained gems i needed to revisit, but you don't have to worry your pretty little head about that and only need decide what you find useful therein;

The Empires racism/fascism and mythical capitalism stands in our way. When the natives who Columbus first encountered, couldn’t produce any gold ransoms, he ordered that all of them be executed on the spot. Andrew Jackson’s 1830 Indian Removal Act legalized exterminating millions of Native Americans. It solidified what George Washington called the “necessary extirpation” of the natives, from “our settled lands”. Hitler used America’s Indian reservations and the concentration camps America created in the Philippines as a blueprint for Nazi concentration camps. Round them up and work them till they die.

More than 80 years ago Edward Bernays invented the term, “public relations” as a synonym for “propaganda”, predicting “the invisible government”. He wrote, “Those who manipulate this unseen element constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of”. The aim of this invisible government is to contain our political consciousness, our sense of the world, to think independently and separate truth from lies.

America’s version of fascism is an accelerating danger. As in the 1930s, big lies are delivered with regularity. Muslims are bad. Saudis are good. ISIS, Saudi supplied, are bad. Russia is always bad. China is getting bad. Bombing Syria is good. Corrupt banks are good. Corrupt debt is good. Poverty is good. War is normal. Why are you silent?

Mainstream journalists prove their “objectivity” by getting tough with anyone who deviates from conventional ‘accepted’ wisdom. The mainstream media frame the public debate with an implicit embrace of the Empire’s right to invade countries and knock down governments. The debate is only focused on whether the tactics worked, whether mistakes were made, not whether the decisions were wise or legal.

What has “our” government said that’s true? There’s no free market in the Empire.  How do you have capitalism if Banks are too big to fail, but are bailed out by taxpayers or by the Federal Reserve printing money to bail them out? This isn’t capitalism, this is oligarchy.

Remember the good old cold war days with Mutual Assured Destruction? Perpetual proxy wars punctuated by deadly and disastrous conflicts like Korea and Vietnam? They’re back; America’s War Party that sprawls across Democratic and Republican lines has been looking for a Cold War replacement ever since it ended. As the Soviet Union collapsed, the rationale for spending half of your dollars on a military jobs program and corporate welfare for “defense” contractors evaporated. American politicians faced the frightening task of remaining relevant without an outside boogeyman to scare us commoners. No more solitaire for the American empire. It’s back to high-stakes poker which is exactly what War Party politicians of both ‘parties’ want: it’s their bread and butter.

Americans have been brainwashed into believing that patriotism means defense of “our” government no matter what. Truth is so unfavorable to Washington that Americans believe that it mustn’t be revealed, and if revealed, covered up, and those who reveal truth must be punished. A country with such a population as this is a police state. Its irony that a government and a population that believes truth must be covered up at all cost parades around the world acting as if America is history’s agent for “bringing freedom and democracy to the world”. All the lies and deception in a world where nothing is as it seems requires thinking the unthinkable to separate the truth from lies.

Mordor on the Potomac can never be reformed; you can “elect” good people but they will be sucked into a system of corruption that’s historically unrivaled in the magnitude of treasure and blood spent in imperial wars.

We call it propaganda when other nations publicly expressed ideas differ with ours. America spends $35 Billion ‘Helping’ the World, but where does all this money really go?  For Washington “international cooperation” means submission to the Empire’s will. Government must rule in agreement with the people and not work as decree-issuing body acting for interest groups disrespectful of the people.

The United States government threatens the governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Argentina for representing the interests of the voters who put them in office instead of Washington’s interests.  “Our” government has destroyed American liberties with its unconstitutional mass surveillance, indefinite detention without charges, and murder of American citizens without due process. Dissent itself is in the process of being criminalized.

Just looking at the basic facts makes it impossible to conclude that the West has “freedom and democracy” or that Washington’s bombs and invasions have brought “freedom and democracy” to Africa and the Middle East.

America accuses China and Russia of cyber terrorism on a regular basis, even though we released the Stuxnet virus into the Iranian nuclear facilities and have used mass surveillance against people around the world, including allied leaders. We created ISIS as part of our grand strategy that included turning Iraq and Libya into lawless countries racked by war and religious zealotry. We created the Syrian refugee crisis by funding militants against Assad because Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to build a natural gas pipeline through Syria to Europe.
We led the overthrow of a democratically elected government in the Ukraine, and have continuously provoked Russia in their own backyard. We have covered up the true culprit in shooting down of the Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine. We have colluded with Saudi Arabia to drive the price of oil down in an attempt to destroy the economies of Iran, Argentina and Russia.

Characterize people by their actions and you’ll never be fooled by their words. Putin means what he says and says what he means. This is refreshing by the standards of the Empire’s politicians that it’s confusing. America claims Putin seeks to re-establish the Russian Empire. If Putin wanted that, he would after 15 years in power, have annexed Belarus and Ukraine, but he hasn’t even annexed the pro-Russian Donbas. Putin is a nationalist who sees his country as one of the world’s great powers, believes Moscow should have its own Monroe Doctrine, and that rival powers shouldn’t be planting military bases on Russia’s doorstep.

America’s war to control Russia isn’t defensive as claimed, but extremely aggressive. Even in 2010, before there had yet been even an invented excuse for the West to prepare for war against Russia, Obama was struggling to get Europe on-board with their aggressive plans. Using the excuse that an Anti Ballistic Missile ‘defensive’ shield system based in Europe would be ‘defensive’, even though it’s designed to enable a first-strike nuclear-attack knockout blow by the Empire of Russia’s capacity to defend itself, by eliminating any incoming missiles in flight. The Empire ‘justifies’ its push for ABM’s as being ‘defense’ against ‘rogue states,’ not against Russia, which is an obvious lie.

Gates, guardian of the pentagon, said: “the U.S. believed partnering with Russia is once again potentially possible”, as if it hadn’t always been possible ever since 1991. He said Russian democracy has disappeared and the government was an oligarchy run by the security services.” So: the American argument was that ABMs are needed against a non-existent Iranian threat to France, because; “Russian democracy has disappeared and the government was an oligarchy run by the security services”. Sounds like a pretty good description of the Empire there: its aristocracy, and the CIA etc.

America’s anti-Russia club, NATO, has crept up to Russia’s borders and demands that Russians not recognize what the West is doing, as if JFK had been so stupid as not to have recognized that the USSR’s nuclear missiles in Cuba in 1962 wouldn’t have been an aggressive act and thus needed to be blocked. Russians are even more endangered now by the Empire.

It’s hard for Americans to understand who didn’t like having Soviet troops and bases in Castro’s Cuba. True believers will never consider thoughts such as these and so continue to support the Empire saying, let them march all they want, as long as they keep paying their taxes.

A ‘consumer’ acts the way he believes the group wants him to act. He thinks the way he believes the group wants him to think. He’s worried about how his appearance, attitude, lifestyle and how his opinions are perceived.  Everything he does from the moment his day begins revolves around ensuring that the collective approves of him. Even his acts of ‘rebellion’ are often merely dependent on style than substance. 

America said Russia was bombing the “wrong” guys in Syria but refused to give Russia a list of bad guys and a list of good guys.

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