Sunday, December 23, 2018

this is a bit long with much in the way of links but its a follow up to the video posted here some days past of 'our' rulers getting a secret message in their program at the funeral of bush the first;

This is part of a 20 page essay I received from someone I have never met in person but whose background I highly respect. I pulled out what most intrigued me and sent it to Admin to see if he thought it was worth posting as it has grabbed me.
I have no explanation for the envelopes at the Bush funeral being placed in selected programs or the reactions of the Sons of Bitches and Daughters of Witches who received them???
The videos are intriguing to say the least.
However, after extensive investigation I do believe the Vegas shootings and Wild Fires are FF murders of Americans by The Deep State and are just the tip of what they have done and are capable of.
I do not pretend to know 100% who Trump really is out of Uncola’s 3 possibilities.
1. The Wild Card
2. The Foil
3. The Trojan Horse..........

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