Thursday, December 27, 2018

sent this am by a friend i present this exploration of who we are compared to who we think we are, and done in a historical fashion so remember those who win are those who write history;

By Vaughn Klingenberg for Veterans Today
As the old saying goes: “Does a fish know that it swims in water?” Similarly, does the public know that their moral climate and vocabulary are carefully manufactured and promulgated? I doubt it.
It is presumed and accepted as a given in today’s Western culture that the Nazis were the apotheosis of evil–not only in their day but will be for all time. Why is that? Why of all the myriad candidates of evil is it that the Nazis have been shouldered with this particular cross to bear? What interests are being served by inventing, promulgating, and employing an anti-Nazi moral vocabulary throughout society? Who benefits from this arbitrary and conventional (anti-Nazi) moral vocabulary and who suffers? These are some of the questions I wish to pose, and answer, in what follows. It is crucially important for the general public to become aware of the fact that their moral compass is not fixed and set as absolute for all time but that, often, consciously devised moral archetypes are invented and inculcated into the pliable consciousness of the public mind. Mass psychology and mass propaganda had already achieved a fair degree of sophistication by the outbreak of World War II, and the self-serving purveyors of war hysteria only perfected their game as the war developed. Truth, indeed, was the first casualty of World War II, and this applies especially to the machinations of the Allied leadership, masters of deceit in their own right.
Inviting attacks so as to mobilize the home front..............

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