Sunday, December 30, 2018

a friend sent this in an email this am. i post it in the event that some may wish to investigate this bit of news which may be revealing indeed. the friends comment is the darker font followed by the comment and they didn't say where it was found but the implications are most interesting;

For what it is worth, as I have noted before, the comments to videos are sometimes revealing and informative. Well, here's another:  

As a reply to my own comment (LOL), in George Bush’s last four years in office I clearly despised him. And then as he left office he became more humble. I’ve seen him in social settings and with Clinton and such, and the way he interacts with Michelle Obama and jokes around, and also his appearance on the Ellen show, he has a good personality. However, I hate to think that he had anything to do with 9/11. I would like to think that was all Dick Cheney. And that they did not put the president in the loop of what was going on. However I was an employee at CSX Transportation Railroad in 2002 when George Bush took our CEO to be the Secretary of Treasury. It was one of the most corrupt deals I have ever seen, and George Bush got four shipping ports that the RR owned, and passed them through the Carlyle group and made a few million for him and his cronies. then he got CSX world terminals (1/6th of the entire world’s shipping ports),and sold them to Dubai,in one of the shadiest money making deals I have seen, amongst other perks that benefited all of the hierarchy. So no matter how humble he may seem, he is a criminal. He does not care about the little man no matter his personality… And I hate to think that. But it is the truth. It is all about power and money for everyone of them. And sadly, they are going to have to pay.

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