Thursday, December 27, 2018

the holohoax is the ticket the zionists used to get out of jail, so to speak. here there is the testimony of one of those survivors and you can judge for yourself;

Rosa Appel (born Raizel Bercovici) is an interesting case study of a so-called ‘Holocaust Survivor’ who was in the Auschwitz concentration camp who accidentally tells us the truth about what happened at the camp. To quote her autobiographical account published as a – rather clunky - translation from the original Yiddish by Ronald Knieve in the 2011 edition of the journal ‘Socialist History’.

She describes her arrival at Auschwitz as follows:

‘He said, you young people you gonna walk, you gonna walk. Well, we didn’t have to walk too much. They took us in one big room there by Auschwitz, they took us in one big room, and they start to do things to undress us completely like we were born. And some people there were cutting our hair and some people were shaving our underarms and the woman part, too, and as we talked naked another put on something yellow all over where they cut our hair. They said that gonna be good for hygenics.’ (1)

And her weekly routine as follows:

‘At the C Lager is 32 barracks. And one barrack was only for the waste. There were little beds, only from wood, one on the lower, the middle and one higher. In that bed we were sleeping about eight people, one to the head and one to the feet across. And that we had there. Every week from there they took us to a shower. And they put again on the head that yellow stuff for cleanliness. And also that time you got another something to put on whatever you catch from the floor there, from the pile of clothing there.’ (2)

The interesting point in both of this excerpts is that Appel clearly identifies that she was taken to Auschwitz’s shower block every week where the SS again put the ‘yellow stuff for cleanliness’ – this being disinfectant to kill off any lice or other disease-carrying insects – on her head, gave her a shower and then issued her with fresh disinfected clothing and then sent her back to her barracks as normal. When you remember that the central thesis behind the so-called ‘Holocaust’ is that the SS used ‘fake showers’ to secretly murder several million jews then Appel’s account begins to make sense of the origin of that thesis as I have previously explained in regards to transit camps such as Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka.........

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