Saturday, November 24, 2018

 this will get to the bottom of some of what you see, and don't with 'immigration' in europe, and here;

Astute observers have noted for years that Western culture is in danger of becoming extinct as liberal leaders have steadily pursued and adopted policies that are not conducive to self-preservation.
Aided and abetted by the entertainment industry, academia, and extreme Leftist ideology, European and North American countries are experiencing declining birth rates even as their nations are becoming inundated with people who do not share their societal, religious, or cultural values and who have no intention of assimilating. 
The birth rates are declining because attitudes about rearing children have changed in response to Leftist societal influences that favor self-centeredness and self-achievement. Demographics are changing because Leftist leaders averse to perpetuating traditional values and mores they don’t agree with are inviting hordes of mostly poor, destitute migrants into their countries, often in selfish pursuit of building or expanding their power base.......

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