Wednesday, November 28, 2018

the pasting below is from an email a friend sent about the current state of potential opening of a new investigation into the 911 false flag. in case you were wondering these are just a few of the salient points that don't match the lies the tv tells you;

A bunch of "Haaaaalleefuukkinlujah!!" milestones come to mind, including:

Named 'hijackers' still alive--protesting their inclusion in the attacks.
Rumsfeld saying "who shot down the plane in Pennsylvania"
Cossiga naming Mossad
NIST admission of free fall
AE911TRUTH billboards and Times Square big video screen
Proofs that cell phones could not have functioned to make the calls
Colorado public tv airing of an AE911TRUTH documentary
Bentham study finding of nanothermite and residues of its combustion
Barrett, Gage and Bollyn appearing together at the Nation of Islam plenary session
Univ. of Alaska announcement they were beginning a study of Building 7
Preliminary findings of the Fairbanks study (two years later)
Christopher Bollyn presentations

And now we have an AG in Southern NY saying--with no date indicated--that they will be processing the petition.

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