Wednesday, November 21, 2018

there are some curious items contained here in this article concerning hurricane trump and his buddies in the mid east;

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
We have covered for the Saudi’s long enough.  In 2003, the initial FBI investigation of 9/11 found Saudi Arabia fully complicit, their government and royals at the highest level, working in concert with Israel, prominent organized crime figures and traitors at Washington’s highest levels.  I have seen the reports.  They are real.  We needed to invade Saudi Arabia in September 2001 and when America gets a president with guts, we will do exactly that.
America doesn’t do that much business with Saudi Arabia.  Their military is a sham, beaten to a pulp by spear wielding Houthi tribesmen.  When their pilots come to Las Vegas to train, they never leave the whore houses and casinos while paid Palestinian surrogates attend their classes and fly their planes.
Everyone in the US military knows this.
Let’s thank Gina Haspel, current CIA director, for attempting to do her job.  We won’t forget it.  We also know that Gina can prove that Trump ordered Khashoggi’s killing through John Bolton.  We believed she had prior knowledge as we knew she was with Kushner when the request to kill what Trump had called “the enemy of the state” was passed on to Saudi Arabia.............

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