Thursday, November 22, 2018

a cartoon didn't make it here due to this computer being suspicious of it so you'll have to go to the link for it, and you can read all of the article posted here where it becomes obvious that its anti-semitic to erect a memorial to those americans killed by israel;

I truly thought I was beyond being astonished at the utter contempt with which Jews hold their goyim serfs in America. Even the recent celebration by a New York Slimes (((journalist)))  – Whites will be a minority…and that’s a good thing – left me unfazed. However my jaw metaphorically hit the table when I read this opinion piece (Trump Sends Troops to the Border: What are the president’s priorities?) and in particular the accompanying cartoon:

It crossed my mind that this was parody. It had to be, surely? Because what it’s saying is that American troops should not be defending their border – the most basic of all military duties – rather in the Middle East fighting and dying for Israel. Because that’s what they’re doing in the ME. Americans have not, and never had, any dispute with Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon or even the Palestinians. But Israel has as it pursues the Yinon Plan which calls for their ‘neighbours’ to be militarily and economically destroyed and ideally split up into weak feuding ethnic and religious enclaves. The sheer gall, chutzpah and audacity behind the article is nothing less than breathtaking.
The only equivalent was the story of the Grafton Memorial. This relates to the privately-funded memorial library in Grafton near Milwaukee to the sinking of the USS Liberty and the murder of nearly 40 sailors. As was and still is required in the Land Of The Free, Israeli responsibility was played down with the focus almost exclusively on commemorating those who had served and suffered. Now you’d imagine that local Jews would have at worst kept their heads down, at best supported the project while apologising for the Israeli ‘mistake’. Not a bit of it! Instead the attack dogs were unleashed, crying – you’ve guessed it – ‘anti-Semitism’. Rabbi Gideon Goldenholz declared it ‘insulting to Jews‘ while James Fromstein of the Milwaukee Jewish Council proclaimed the Liberty incident(!) to be a ‘sensitive subject considered offensive to Jewish people everywhere’.
The local press turned on the Outrage Button. An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal thundered ‘where is the outrage in Grafton? Why is there no outcry?‘ Now let me be clear, because we’re talking about an upside down world here. The requested outrage and outcry were against the idea of commemorating American servicemen who had given their lives for their country, because such commemoration might offend the sensitivities of the people who cost them their lives!
So maybe there is precedence for the NYT article after all. Tell me, how do (((they))) still get away with it? Can Americans be so bovine that they’re prepared to put up with this stuff with barely a murmur? The Slimes must be confident that they are if they’re prepared to publish articles like this.........

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