Tuesday, November 20, 2018

the holohoax continues its goals to own the past to control the future and you can clearly see that in this posting sent by a friend this morning. the short story is a canadian woman whose mother went there from germany after the war, was visiting germany and arrested for posting something opposing the holohoax while she was at home in canada. the link will provide a lot more;

MONIKA SCHAEFER, A CANADIAN-BORN WOMAN OF GERMAN HERITAGE, was visiting her brother Alfred in Germany (who is now in prison for three years and two months for debunking the Holofraud) when she was arrested in January of this year while observing an open-to-the-public trial of Sylvia Stolz in Munich.
During a recess break in the trial, Schaefer was approached by authorities, handcuffed, and led away. According to eyewitnesses, she protested that she was a free Canadian citizen and was told, “If you wanted to remain free, you should have stayed in Canada.”
Schaefer was held for ten months in Stadelheim prison in Munich
B’nai B’rith claims responsibility for the arrest
B’nai Brith Canada officials said the Jewish group had filed complaints against Schaefer with German officials because of her “anti-Semitic incitement.”
Shaefer posted a video on Youtube over two years, apologizing to her late mother for not believing her about what really happened in Germany during WWII, but instead believing the false teaching she received in Canadian schools and from media.......https://www.johndenugent.com/canadian-monika-schaefer-reports-on-her-ten-months-in-a-judeo-german-jail-for-denouncing-the-massive-ongoing-criminal-fraud-jews-call-the-holocaust/

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