Friday, November 30, 2018

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Heil Fuhrer Trump!

Steemit – by Larken Rose
So Trump is all set to do his ban on “bump stocks.” Let’s look at a few aspects of this:
1 – This is not being done by legislation. It is being unilaterally done, dictator-style, by just declaring bump-stocks to fit within the definition of what is already “illegal,” in direct contrast to the DOJ’s own prior interpretation of the law, going back for decades. In other words, Trump is declaring that what the ATF and DOJ thought the law meant before wasn’t authoritarian and controlling enough. (Incidentally, he could just as easily do the same thing with tri-burst trigger assemblies next.)  
2 – Unlike the misnamed 1994 “assaults weapons ban,” this dictatorial decree prohibits the possession of things that lots of people already legally own, and requires people to destroy or surrender them.
3 – This is a violation of the Fifth Amendment, in that in requires people to destroy or hand over their own previously “legal” property, without compensation.
4 – This is a violation of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, since nothing in the Constitution gives the federal government any jurisdiction over such matters. (Of course, that is true of most federal “legislation,” but Trump is continuing the totalitarian practice of pretending the state can do whatever the hell it wants.)
5 – This is a violation of the Second Amendment, as it constitutes federal legislation restricting the ability of the people to keep and bear arms. (Again, this certainly isn’t the first example of that, but Trump is continuing the authoritarian bullshit.)
If your response to all of this is, “4D chess,” you’re an idiot. In fact, if you make excuses for it at all, you are a boot-licking pawn of a lawless, dictatorial megalomaniac, and just as bad as the twits who mindless cheered for Chairman Obama’s authoritarian crap.
By the way, this is worse “gun control” than any Democrat President or Congress has passed in my lifetime, because it prohibits the possession of already-existing private property.
So let’s see how many proud Trumpites have excuses for this.

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