Friday, November 23, 2018

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My guns, while they've been in my possession, have never killed anybody, and won't unless that person is an immediate threat to the safety and security of myself and/or my loved ones.  Why should I give up my guns because of someone else's criminal actions?  And if a death by firearm wasn't a crime, but legitimate self-defense or justifiable homicide, why does that call into question anyone else's possession of a firearm at all?

Yet again, the gun-banners are trying to fixate on a thing, rather than the person who wields it.  A gun has no moral volition of its own.  Leave it alone, and it will just sit there, like a car, or a hammer, or a chainsaw.  None of those things are a threat if they aren't misused.  When they are, they aren't morally or legally liable - the person using them is the one held responsible for crimes committed using them.  What's more, if that person didn't have access to one instrument (e.g. a gun), he or she could very easily access an alternative (any of the other items mentioned, or many others equally dangerous in criminal hands).  To blame the gun is to miss the point completely...........

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