Saturday, November 24, 2018

here you will have a chance to consider the impact of what we do in part of the world, upon us;

Why are there so many homeless Americans??? If you look at history and go all the way back to the beginning of the Hollywood for president Reagan era, history tells the whole story of how the White House became an illusion of liberty, justice, and freedom. Republican and Democrat alike took turns robbing the people and pushing the “deep state rule of law” obey or be destroyed. How many does history show “deep state” destruction and the theft of what rightfully belongs to the people???
While there are millions of jobless, homeless Americans in the streets, the dual citizen/politicians of the U.S. have made sure to take care of what they deem is the most important state in the world…
Thanks to the past presidential administrations, Israel has become one of the greatest states in the world. With the Obama/Clinton administration Israel recieved a gift of aid from the American people of $31 billion dollars. Why wasn’t that money spent for the Veterans and homeless of America??? Because dual citizen/politicians in the U.S. are partial to their birth place and home of their ancestors. Are the dual citizens/politicians in the U.S. putting Israel in front of the American people??? Are the dual citizens/politicians of the U.S. putting illegal immigrants in front of the American people???.....

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