Monday, November 26, 2018

this may bode well for those of us who know the powers that be are corrupt;

The largest study of conspiracy theories has revealed some interesting and telling facts about how people feel about authority, who really runs the government, and even what demographics are most likely to believe in alternative truths.
The study polled people from 9 different countries over a six-year period and was performed by researchers at the University of Cambridge and YouGov, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. This study is the deepest ever conducted on the subject and marks the first time academics have explored questions of conspiracy beliefs, social trust, and news consumption habits across different countries.
The timing of this study is interesting as many people are turning away from mainstream ‘facts’ and instead are exploring information from independent sources that often provide a completely different narrative than that of controlled mainstream media outlets. In this day and age, as more narrative-breaking truths come forward, some have been suggesting that those who believe in conspiracy theories are unstable and often suffering from some sort of mental illness. Articles and discussions have even popped up pointing at ways of getting people to stop believing in conspiracy theories like in Inc.s “A New Study Has Found a Way to Stop People From Believing in Conspiracy Theories.” It’s not all that surprising when you consider the goal is to keep people uninformed, but the game is becoming more obvious.
Before we continue, yes, some conspiracy theories are false and way out there, but many aren’t. Time and time again we continue to see ‘conspiracy theories’ turn out to be true. Yet we continue to judge alternative information harshly as collectively we aren’t learning our lessons. Think of Snowden for example. People had claimed ‘Big Brother’ was watching and tracking everything we did for years, but it wasn’t until Snowden came forward and proved it that people actually started to realize it was true all along..........

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