Friday, November 30, 2018

hornberger asks a question i've been asking for years, and have yet to hear anyone answer it as if they meant what they were saying, or even knew about anything hornberger says;

One of the conservative movement’s favorite mantras is “With freedom comes responsibility.” Given such, a question naturally arises: Why won’t conservatives take responsibility for their actions and beliefs?
Consider the current brouhaha over the Central American citizens who are trying to enter the United States to seek refugee status. They are fleeing their countries in an attempt to save their lives from violence and tyranny.
Conservatives object to that. They feel that those people should be forcibly returned to their countries of origin even if it means death for them.
But here’s the thing: The violence and tyranny is in large part due to the U.S. drug war and to U.S. foreign intervention in that part of the world, both of which conservatives have long supported and still support.
No one can deny that the drug war has ravaged and destroyed Mexico and Central America with drug gangs, drug cartels, massive violence, and official corruption.
Also, no one can deny that U.S. interventionism in Latin America has produced brutal rightwing tyrannical regimes with death squads that have resulted in violent civil wars and insurgencies.
Have any conservatives taken responsibility for these two programs? I don’t know of one who has. Moreover, the vast majority of conservatives continue to support the drug war and foreign interventionism even while decrying the massive exodus of people such programs are producing. What’s up with that?...........

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