If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for war. What if its 1984 and you don't know it because you haven't recognized who big brother is yet.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

this writer usually has a lot of reality to relate. there's much that is real in what he presents herein and some i'm not fully sure about but it could lead you to investigations, not using google, that might provide you with some more evidence with which to view the circus we're presented with daily;

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh by the US Senate may seem unremarkable to the three dozen or so nations now targeted by US sanctions and impending “color revolutions.” The list has expanded, India, China and Russia of course, but in truth, there is no end to the list. The issue is world conquest, and the unanswered questions are “by whom” and “for what purpose.”
The mechanism, military and financial war, “hard and soft war,” as they call it in Washington and can only be achieved with total control of America’s political system. The only way that can occur is with rigged elections, a congress and presidency under control as well and the Supreme Court of the United States ready to overrule any tries to reinstitute democracy or reform.
This is how it is, now with Kavanaugh worse than ever, and in fact, how it has always been. America was never intended to be a democracy. When the constitution talks about “equal protection,” were they referring to states like Wyoming, Montana and many others were as few as 100,000 people have one senator while states like California, or New York or Florida have as many as 20 million with a single senator.
If truth be told, of the 100 senators, nearly half represent regional corporations like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Boeing, Archer Daniels Midland or dozens of others, multi-national conglomerates that need protection in order to support global interests, peddling toxic or experimental products like Monsanto’s GMO and cancer-causing Roundup herbicides.
These senators vote on treaties, confirm mob owned Supreme Court justices like Scalia, Roberts, Kavanaugh and Thomas who masquerade as “conservatives” while serving war industries, oil, banking and global crime syndicates.
Do remember, it was the Supreme Court that in 2005, by a 5/4 vote, legalized unlimited corporate bribery of American politicians under Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission and put George W. Bush in office, though unelected.
The catastrophic condition of the world today can be directly tied to the US Supreme Court.
Past this, it was the Supreme Court that has protected torture and military tribunals and has allowed up to 3 million Americans to rot in prisons, many of them privately owned, most having confessed to crimes without trial rather than face indefinite detention in filthy and rotting jails. America’s Supreme Court has allowed not just privatized prisons, but militarized police who war on the American people and has sold the justice system as well.
Americans accused of crimes have their assets seized without due process, denying them legal representation and can be jailed for years when only charged with crimes whose normal penalty is a few days in jail. Only by pleading guilty, and giving up their voting and gun rights, can they ever hope to be released.
If those targeted genuinely represented a threat to national safety it would be one thing, but these insane practices target journalists, free speech advocates, community leaders, teachers, organized labor and any that threaten to expose government corruption.


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