If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for war. What if its 1984 and you don't know it because you haven't recognized who big brother is yet.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

i love it when i read something i wish i had thought to put 'on paper' and this is one of those articles as he speaks right to things i've been thinking and seeing for some time, and in this case about the recent circus surrounding the supremes;

Why Does America Love Showing It’s Ass To The World?
Neal Ross
I’m beginning to wonder, has America watched too much Jerry Springer; has it gotten that we can’t do anything without showing our ass to the world? I could go into great detail as to why I say that, but for brevities sake I will focus my attention upon recent events.
I have watched, rotating between perverted amusement and deep despair, the uproar over the Kavanaugh nomination for the Supreme Court. I have seen the victory dance of those on the political right after he was confirmed, and the resulting meltdown of those on the left upon hearing that their efforts to block his nomination had failed. Through it all I have sat back and asked myself WTF has happened to the people of this country? 
Those on the political right have steadfastly supported Kavanaugh throughout this entire ordeal. Why? Why simply because he was nominated by their guy…Donald Trump; and if the left gets their feathers in such an uproar over him, he must be a good choice for the SCOTUS.
Is that the best that they can do to justify their support for his serving a life position on a panel of judges that have taken it upon themselves to interpret the Constitution this way or that? Almost 200 years ago Thomas Jefferson warned of the danger of giving that much power to the federal judiciary,
If [as the Federalists say] “the judiciary is the last resort in relation to the other departments of the government,” … , then indeed is our Constitution a complete felo de so. … The Constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they may please.”


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