Friday, September 29, 2023


There was a man who found himself before St. Peter at the age of 50.

St. Peter said to him I didn't expect you for quite some time yet -- 50 is rather young.  Why are you here?

The man knew St. Peter was aware of the circumstances, but he decided to play along and told him:  I was walking back to my car after eating dinner out and a man accosted me, demanding my wallet while pointing a gun in my face.  Turning the other cheek, as Christ has commanded, I gave it to him.  He shot me and thus I'm here.

St Peter remarked You are an interesting case indeed.  Even at the most-serious of moments you did indeed turn the other cheek.  And this was not the only time that you believed you were honoring Christ's words under extreme circumstances, was it?

Oh no the man replied.  20 years ago my daughter was raped in our home.  I was compelled to not commit blood lust in the heat of the moment, for that could not un-rape her after all.  Instead I called the police after he ran off.

Ah, this is the problem you see mused St. Peter.  That man who raped your daughter is in Hell today, having been killed a few weeks later while attempting another rape; while the police did their best and I cannot fault their response and pursuit of the assailant these things take time.  I remember that man quite-well and his case was an easy decision.  But before he came before me, and after your encounter, in fact the very next day he raped a prostitute.  The prostitute, like most who are in that trade, had a pimp and was deathly afraid of revealing that an unpaid sex act had occurred, so she didn't tell him.  She became pregnant and when she began to show the pimp ejected her from his harem.  At this point she was both broke and lived in a state where she had no choice but to bear the child, and did so.

But she didn't want that child.  The boy grew up on the streets.  He was taught how to shoot by a gang member when he was six.  He committed his first armed robbery when he was eight, and his first rape at twelve.  Being a juvenile he was repeatedly slapped on the wrist and never forced to pay for any of his crimes even though they were quite heinous.  By mere luck he had not killed anyone up until a few minutes ago.

Just by happenstance, this is the man who held you up tonight and killed you........more........

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