Wednesday, September 27, 2023

 elon has been accused by the joos, so i guess we aren't allowed to have anything to do with him from here on out;

Over 100 Jewish leaders on Tuesday signed on to an open letter labeling X owner Elon Musk an "antisemite" and a "danger" to Jews for allowing too much free speech on his social media platform.

The Jewish leaders, who have organized under the "X Out Hate" campaign, call on "all companies and governmental organizations engaged in business with Musk to end their relationships with his various companies" for not censoring enough to their liking and promoting antisemitic myths about "Jewish power."

Additionally, they call on both Apple and Google to ban Twitter/X from their app stores.

Elad Nehorai, the organizer of the letter, told The Hill the purpose of the letter is "to push for advertisers and app stores to pull their support."...........more........

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