Friday, September 29, 2023

 some governing bodies are showing some brains in dealing with current 'burning issues';

Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin says school districts in the state “don’t really have a choice” about adopting his administration’s model policies for transgender students and that those who are not complying are at risk of legal troubles.

The model policies direct teachers to refer to transgender students by their biological sex and birth name unless parents agree in writing to any changes. They also require students to play on sports teams based on their biological sex.

“There’s no decision to be made here,” Youngkin said on Thursday’s episode of Fox News’s “America Reports.” “Our law is crystal clear.”

“There’s not a choice to be made by these counties and, in fact, now they are all being clearly brought out in legal jeopardy and liability,” Youngkin continued. “They’re liable personally and as boards, and this will play itself out in the court system.”........more.......

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