Wednesday, September 27, 2023

 in the biden regime native born european heritage americans are relegated to the back of the bus;

Disappearing Americans

Paul Craig Roberts

The Democrat Party has made it clear that it is anti-white heterosexual religious America.  Try finding a normal Anglo-Saxon in the Biden Regime.  The regime is staffed by Jews, homosexuals, blacks, and transgendered.  Normal white gentiles are not represented in high positions.

The anti-white Biden Regime treats immigrant-invaders better than it treats white gentile American citizens.  The Biden Regime is issuing federal IDs to immigrant-invaders. 

Of course the Biden Regime, which never in its entire history has ever spoken a truthful word, says that the federal IDs “will not be an official form of federal identification.”  So why are they issuing the IDs?  If they are not for identification, why are they called federal IDs?

I remember when Social Security numbers were not for identification purposes.  I still have my original Social Security card issued  when I got a summer high school job working in a cotton mill.  My card says in BLOCK letters:  “NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES.”  At that time numbers were associated with Nazi Germany and among the religious, a majority of Americans at that time, with the “mark of the beast.”

Today, you cannot have a bank account, an investment account, any utility service or even access your accounts with companies without your Social Security number as IDENTIFICATION.

So, when the Biden Regime lies and says the Federal IDs for immigrant-invaders are not IDs, it is just “our” government lying again to us, which is all the government does. The anti-American Biden Regime is normalizing immigrant-invasion. The Biden Regime puts white American citizens in prison for attending a Trump rally but opens the Texas border so immigrant-invaders can walk in:

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