Friday, September 29, 2023

 on 10-4 'our' government is conducting a test on your tech devices and many of us will not participate in any way as too often said governing body has proven itself to be untrustworthy;

Absolutely Do NOT Participate……
Turn Off ALL Devices……
Unplug ALL Computers…..
And Disconnect ALL Information Technology From WiFi—FOR REAL!!! 

Submitted by A Veteran Cyber Crackerjack

“Who is not aware by now that the U.S. Federal Government is nothing but a global international crime syndicate that terrorizes the world community of nations via its worldwide war machine and terrorist network as well as tyrannizes its own citizenry via an institutionalized cultural marxist agenda implemented by the firmly entrenched communist/fascist Uniparty?”

Now, please re-read the previous quote very closely to fully comprehend what the American people, as well as the entire world community of nations, is now dealing with—24/7.

No, it’s not a pretty picture at all, but it is the grim reality which every American must face up to sooner or later.  Or, they ignore it at their great peril.

Which bring us to this:.........more........

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