Saturday, September 30, 2023

 a surprising number of your neighbors think we have too much freedom but i wonder if they see anything that is happening around us;

RealClear Opinion Research conducted a study to see if censorship is a partisan issue in America. What they found was astounding as a portion of the population is begging for government to take over and replace our pretend democracy with something more akin to communism or fascism. Almost one-third (34%) of Democratic voters believe that Americans have “too much freedom.”

That’s right – the land of the free is too free for some. About half (46%) of Republicans believe Americans have too little freedom, with 22% of Democrats agreeing. The aftermath of COVID has changed the landscape for what people find acceptable, and questioning the narrative – be it the science or new societal norms – are not tolerable to some. Independent voters (61%) and Republicans (74%) believe free speech should be protected under any circumstance as outlined in the First Amendment. Yet, the Democrats are divided on 1A as 47% believe there should be some censorship.......more.........

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