Thursday, September 28, 2023

 we are approaching the perfect storm if all the clouds on the horizon continue. if something can't go on it will stop.

the borrowed money demands interest payment each quarter. the government continues to borrow more each day. the dollar is being dumped and when they all come back here the inflation will shame the weimar experience but on the upside all of those dollars will provide some warmth when you burn them because you're cold. interest payments dwarf the income from the irs so we might wonder when the guys with ball bats will be coming around demanding their money.

the non-existent southern border and the growing tide coming thru will soon see no work or money or place to live because the dollar will be nothing and there will no jobs to be had that any honest individual will want to perform. when that happens the mayor of nyc will have new complaints as his shrinking police force, compliments of the blm marriage to the democrats will turn that city, and others, inside out with lots of hungry cold individuals with no recourse but violence in pursuit of something to eat. 

the biden creature is doing his best to start a war with russia and china in the face of many independent military predictions of total destruction and a clear loss by the empire as we haven't had an effective military for a very long time on too many levels to list here. the neo-cons like victoria nuland who was an obvious mastermind of the current troubles in ukraine dating back some think to the clintion years, have no reverse gear so we can be reasonably sure they won't back off but will keep escalating. 

the election process is obviously broken and if we even have an election in 24 chances are it will be the source of subsequent disruption and violence. we can bet on more incendiary comments and actions from the hildabeest and her minions. if the kangaroo court games being heaped on the orange man proceed to their obvious outcome based on the statements of several of the judges and prosecutors, that might also create disorder to accompany the above possibilities. 

it becomes apparent that many of my 'fellow americans' have little idea of the total picture and its ramifications but we don't have the right information or mind set to meet the coming tide in a constructive and effective manner. most all of what we see can be traced to the klaus schwab gang and their stated goals and practices. the mockingbird media, humorously called: the mainstream media, is acting in ways that would make goebbels proud. you need to go outside and look when they tell you the sun has risen, let alone the rest of their lies which are most all they present it seems.

digital money and universal id will pile on more control and madness.

there are several individuals who speak of future events who have been validated in the past are saying things about the next year or so and aren't pleased with what they see. as george galloway says during his show: hang on, its gonna be a bumpy ride.

and this short few words doesn't even begin to list all of the clouds coming our way so if any of this is new to you i suggest looking into the new world order, klaus schwab and the world economic forum. and those are just starting points. if you need more sources i post many of them here at one time or another.

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