Thursday, September 28, 2023

 mr peters points out some things you may not have been aware of but will as the vehicle business changes: the costs of electrification of your ride;

Many Democrats haven’t yet realized that they’ve been voting for Leftists – and so for their own ruin. As for example the unionized auto workers, now on strike, hoping to leverage more pay and benefits for themselves.

They would be better-advised to worry about their jobs – many of which will soon not exist, if the Left which they’ve been supporting succeeds in its pushing of “electrification.” When there is no work, there is no pay.

Forget about a pay raise.

Ask a steelworker who is working at Wal Mart now – for a third of what he was making – because his work was offshored to Chyna (say it with Orange emphasis).

“Electrification” will do the same – and already is. Chyna is where EV batteries/components are sourced – as in not made here. Chiefly because Leftists have made it too costly to make things here. And if they are made here, there is less work needed to make them. Battery assembly is largely automated and once a battery is assembled, there is little work to do. A machine lowers it onto the skate and a few connections are made. It doesn’t take many workers to make a battery powered device.

“Electrification” will mean the evisceration of work in the auto industry, which will transition into thew appliance industry. How many good-paying union jobs are there assembling battery-powered devices in this country?

Ask the workers in Chyna who oversee the machines that put them together............more........

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