Wednesday, September 27, 2023


mr peters provides some reasons you might not want to get in any way involved with new vehicles. there are many but this one is quite amazing;

You may have heard that, beginning with the 2026 model year, all new vehicles must be equipped with a system capable of detecting a putatively “impaired” driver – and disabling the vehicle, so that the “impaired” (putatively) driver cannot drive – or continue driving.

The vehicle either will not start – or it will stop.

Many people think it is a fine idea to stop “impaired” drivers. They are the same people who think it’s a fine idea to randomly stop drivers who’ve given no one any reason to suspect they might be “drunk” – and then make them prove they’re not.

Such people might want to give some thought to what will constitute the definition of “impairment.” Hence the putative qualifier in italics above.

Most people automatically think “drunk” when they hear “impaired” – which is reasonable because it’s the common interpretation. Just the same as most people thought they would be immunized when they heard “vaccine.” But there is a reason why impairment rather than drunk is being used to describe the system that will be embedded in all new vehicles, beginning with the 2026 models. It is essentially the same reason why drugs was not used to describe the substances millions allowed themselves to be injected with, believing they were getting vaccinated.

The reason is this:..........more.........

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