Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Republican Senator Katie Britt of Alabama recently called out the media and told them to start covering the real nightmare that’s happening at the southern border.

Britt was flanked by Ted Cruz and other GOP senators and her speech was smart and passionate.

She pointed out examples of people who are being trafficked or extorted by the Mexican cartels, even though they are now in the United States. This was a great moment.

Sen. Katie Britt delivered an emotional plea from the southern border on Wednesday, urging reporters to tell the horror stories like the ones the Alabama senator has witnesses over several visits.

“Drug cartels, guys, they have their tentacles all over this country,” Alabama’s junior senator said from Eagle Pass, Texas pm Wednesday. “We need you to start telling that story.”

Those tentacles extend to Alabama, according to Britt, where the senator said she talked recently with a constituent in rural Montgomery County who told her undocumented immigrants owe the cartels money for getting them across the border.

“Just the other day in Alabama a gentleman told me, ‘If you will come back here with me in this neighborhood right behind you, you will see migrants who are here illegally, and they will tell you about the drug cartels coming around every other week to collect,’” Britt recounted.

“Guys, that’s not the American Dream,” the senator said. “That’s an American nightmare.”

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