Friday, September 18, 2020

 should you be one of the true believers who accept anything the tv sells you i suggest you investigate this link and the link provided for more questions than your tv will permit;

And yet you still believe that on 911 two hollow aluminum airliners cut straight through the regularily spaced 14 inch steel columns as well as the steel reinforced concrete floors and walls of the Twin Towers and came out the other side???

If so… you are a fool!

The truth is that the airliners would never have made it past the first row of 14 inch steel beams one meter apart surrounding the Tower… yet every video you have ever seen of 911 has shown the airliners being entirely devoured by the Towers… even coming out the other side!


We were repeatedly shown the same DOCTORED videos and CGI images of animated jets slamming into the Towers over and over and over  till we bought into the “official” story without question.

Aluminum airliners are made out of aluminum foil for crying out loud!!! and watch more.....

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