Monday, September 28, 2020

 caitlin shows you some large hypocrisies in this essay centered on trump, assange and the latest revelations in 'our free press';

Trump’s October surprise has come a few days early, with The New York Times publishing a lengthy report on the president’s tax information spanning two decades. The Times reports Trump often paid little or no federal income taxes during the period the information covers, that his companies are hemorrhaging money, and that he is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

The report also contradicted years of mainstream speculation that Trump’s tax returns would reveal evidence of Russian collusion if made public.

“They report that Mr. Trump owns hundreds of millions of dollars in valuable assets, but they do not reveal his true wealth. Nor do they reveal any previously unreported connections to Russia,” the Times reports.

So it looks like the president is every bit the corrupt kleptocratic oligarch that everyone has always suspected, except the roots of his deception lie not in Moscow but in home-grown, American-as-apple-pie end-stage capitalism.

Surprise, and watch more.....

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