Saturday, September 19, 2020

 you see these sort of things all around the empire; sweden, australia, britain and so on, so i'd say you best be aware it can and will happen here as well;

A journalist in Sweden was charged with a hate crime and faces two years in prison for publishing an article that questioned whether Muslim-owned pharmacies would fairly distribute drugs if supplies became limited.

Yes, really.

Ingrid Carlqvist and her colleague Maria Celander face a court appearance on November 2 over an article which they didn’t even write but published on their website.

“About a year ago, a woman contributed an article to the site questioning what would happen if there was a shortage of drugs considering the disproportionate number of Muslim pharmacists in Sweden. The question was based on her knowledge of Islamic law (Sharia), which teaches Muslims to prioritize Muslims. In the case of a drug shortage, would drugs be given to Muslims before others?” reports the RAIR Foundation.

Six months later, police contacted the journalists and said they were being charged with a hate crime because the article constituted an “incitement to ethnic groups,” which are a “protected” class under Swedish and watch more.....

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