Wednesday, September 23, 2020

 here is some of the crime committed by those in power that you excuse saying we're the best country in the world. what crap;

As TFTP reports on a regular basis, one of the major problems with policing in the United States is the sheer lack of accountability and consequences for their criminal actions. Cops can kill innocent children — on video — and return to duty like nothing ever happened. As the following case out of Florida illustrates, officers can even admit to multiple sexual assaults and not be concerned with going to jail at all, and even keep their retirement.

A shocking lawsuit filed in federal court by Lauren Reynolds and 14 other women, exposes multiple officers who — according to government filings — admitted to the sexual abuse of multiple women and faced no legal repercussions.

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Reynolds said that weeks after she arrived in a federal prison, she was targeted by officer Daniel Kuilan, who told her that if she wanted protection, she would have to give him what he wanted — sex.

According to the lawsuit, Kuilan raped Reynolds shortly after that and told her that if she told anyone, she would be in trouble and sent to another prison that was worse than this one. For the next six months, Reynolds says Kuilan repeatedly raped her — every Wednesday at a warehouse before her work shift began.

According to the lawsuit, the 15 women, aged 26 to 59, were raped over the course of several years and were threatened if they did not comply. Adding credence to the lawsuit is the fact that six of the accused officers in the lawsuit actually admitted to having sexual contact with the more........

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