Thursday, September 17, 2020

 the stupidity grows daily and here is a good example;

Rosedale, MD — As the country attempts to restart the public education process which was brought to its knees during the COVID-19 lockdown in March, there is no shortage of hurdles to both families and teachers. However, the following case illustrates how many of these hurdles are unnecessarily created because of the tendency of the system to rely on the police state and fear. A family’s home was raided recently after a kid’s toy guns were seen hanging on the wall during virtual learning.

Courtney Lancaster, the mother of the fifth grader who had his own principal snitch on him in June for an obvious toy gun, told Project Baltimore that the day cops visited their home was the most unbelievable day of her life. For weeks after the incident, Lancaster fought to get the details of why cops came to her home that day, but the school refused to cooperate.

Now, Lancaster, with the help of Project Baltimore, has obtained the 911 call showing how this most ridiculous nanny state “see something, say something” incident began. The 911 call is as and watch more........

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