Sunday, September 27, 2020

 arrested and killed for no crime and the cops admit that;

Los Angeles, CA — On the night that police officers with the LAPD stopped him, Jacobo Juarez Cedillo, 50, had not committed a crime and was not suspected of committing a crime. Unfortunately, this was not a defense against officers detaining him and subsequently escalating force until Cedillo fell unconscious, stopped breathing and died. Cedillo is survived by his 20-year-old daughter who is now seeking justice for her father.

Nicole Juarez Zelaya, 20, claims in a recent lawsuit that police officers unnecessarily held down her father — who was handcuffed and hogtied — restricting his breathing for several minutes until he died. Zelaya will likely win the lawsuit as the officers’ own body camera footage backs up her claims.

“My only desire is for justice to be served,” Zelaya said in an interview with The LA Times. “The system is messed up and there needs to be action taken.”

On the night police stopped Cedillo, he had not committed a crime and they had no reason for handcuffing and detaining him. They would later claim Cedillo nearly got hit by a truck and this was the reason for the stop. However, had police let the innocent man go, he would have likely fared far better than he did as police “protected” and watch more........

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