Thursday, September 24, 2020

 the videorebel posts again and so i repost here as i've yet to see this individual be wrong;

The fight over the Ruth Bader Ginzburg replacement to the Supreme Court could not come at a worse time for Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

50 million Americans are behind in their rent and mortgage payments. And their next payment is due Thursday October 1st. Nancy Pelosi said she will keep the House in session until they pass a second stimulus bill. But she insists that addition to preventing 50 million from going homeless that they add a trillion plus dollars to bail out Blue State governors and mayors to save their jobs. New York City is short $9 billion and is hoping Nancy delivers. Otherwise the City faces drastic cuts while Governor Cuomo passes huge tax increases. New York state is about to fall off a cliff as they depend on 119 billionaires to pay their taxes. If they lose any billionaires, taxes will have to be raised again forcing even more rich people to flee.

The Democrat governors and mayors will be crucial to stealing ballots this November.

If Trump can appoint a Republican woman to the Supreme Court, a lot of phony ballots can be thrown out on the basis of a 5 to 4 vote. There is a precedent. Florida Democrats were stopped from stealing votes in 2000 with a similar court ruling.

The total US Treasury Debt is $26.79 trillion which is up more than $4 trillion from September of 2019. Not good. The economy sucks. Blue State governors and mayors are doing their best to shut down the economy and turn the country over to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. The mayor of Nashville is a Democrat. It recently was leaked that only 22 people got covid-19 from Nashville bars and restaurants vs a thousand from nursing homes.  The whole point of the lockdowns is to break the will of the public and force them to accept vaccines with digital controls. To that end the Banks are willing to print trillions more dollars this year and maybe ten trillion next year when projected food price increases hit the more........

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